In the heart of the Hula Valley in the Upper Galilee, surrounded by green spaces and the chirping of birds, lies the Pastoral Hotel -
a meeting place for people who love getting away, culture, nature, music and the written word. The hotel offers a comfortable, peaceful getaway experience for couples and families, together with close proximity to all the main attractions of the Upper Galilee region, including Lake Hula, Manara Cliff, Mt. Hermon, wineries, museums and motor sports.



Ben Gurion International Airport is Israel’s main international airport and is connected to many major cities by direct flights (3-5 hours from Europe, 10-12 hours from America and the Far East).


The conference venue is about 200 km from Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, and 110 km from Haifa. 


Conference organized transportation

We will organize a shuttle from the airport to the hotel on the first day of the conference and back to the airport on the last day. Please check here for updates.


Getting there by car:

Driving from the airport via route 6 (toll road) takes about 2 hours, driving from Haifa is slightly less than 1.5 hour.

Car rental companies at the airport


Getting there by public transportation:

The nearest town is Kiryat-Shmona with direct public bus lines running frequently from Tel-Aviv (Egged line 845) and Haifa (Egged lines 505, 500), and less frequently from Jerusalem (Egged line 963). There is no train to Kiryat-Shmona, but there are direct trains running from the airport and from Tel-Aviv to Akko which connected to to Kiryat Shmona by bus (Egged line 500).


Single, double, and shared double rooms at Pastoral hotel can be booked through our Registration page. Rates include breakfast and dinner at the hotel.